Puppy Pre-School

A great start leads to a fantastic finish! Enroll your puppy in this comprehensive program at a key formative stage in their behavioral development. Socialization, reinforcing positive behaviors, and reinforcing good canine habits early in life is essential in preventing problem behaviors from emerging. You'll learn how to use proven positive reinforcement techniques to effectively socialize and train your puppy.

We will teach you to read the subtleties of body language for a better understanding of your puppy's communication and play styles with people and other dogs. We then introduce a few foundation obedience skills, emphasizing a fun learning experience for your puppy. This course teaches you how to shape your puppy into a well-mannered, social puppy, well on his or her way to becoming your ideal family companion.

Puppies are between 8 and 14 weeks of age. While we recognize that some of puppies in this course will not have received a complete set of vaccines, we believe it is imperative that puppies receive proper socialization and imprinting before 12 weeks of age.

According to American Veterinarian Society of Animal Behavior (AVSAB), "The primary and most important time for puppy socialization is the first 3 months of life…when sociability outweighs fear, this is the primary window of opportunity for puppies to adapt to new people, animals and experiences. Incomplete or improper socialization during this important time can increase the risk of behavioral problems later in life including fear, avoidance, and /or aggression."

  • Exposure to new sights, sounds, people and dogs will expand your pup's comfort in the world. Fearful pups will get special coaching as we increase their confidence
  • We teach the building blocks on which to develop good attention and listening skills, and most importantly teach them to love to learn - which is a lesson that lasts a lifetime
  • Puppies learn to be comfortable with handling that vets, groomers, kids, visitors, and strangers will want to do to him in the coming years
  • Skills learned are sit, down, stand, come when called and go to your place
  • Skills such as leave it, drop it, and walking politely on leash will be practiced
  • Behaviors like "Wait" and "Settle" will help your dog practice self-control and frustration tolerance
  • Jumping up to say "Hi" is often reinforced by the happy human who wants to meet your cute puppy. We'll practice four-on-the-floor greetings and work toward an automatic sit-to-greet
  • Both humans and puppies will get feedback and coaching on good puppy play manners
  • We strive to prevent problem behaviors from occurring through proven training and reinforcement techniques. Help with common challenges such as biting, house training using a crate, chewing, jumping up and more is offered

This course meets 6 consecutive weeks for 55 minutes.

Puppy Kindergarten

We adore puppies and are committed to their ongoing success. During this course we continue intensive socialization and imprinting in a fun and stimulating environment. We build on each foundation skill taught in Puppy Pre-School using positive reinforcement methods proven to work quickly and effectively.

Each structured class includes ample supervised play time for socialization and confidence building. Foundation obedience skills are taught in addition to discussions prevention of problem behaviors. We will also discuss proper techniques to address common puppy/dog misbehaviors.

Puppies 3 - 5 months of age. 3 month old puppies should have at least two rounds of vaccines: Da2PP and Bordetella, 4 and 5 month old puppies should have received their full vaccination series. This is the class most puppies will take after Puppy Pre-School. However, if you missed Puppy Pre-School, this is the appropriate course since puppies learn quickly and we want to be sure they get off on the right foot.

Puppies and dogs must be dog and people friendly. Since there will be play time, dogs that cannot be safely integrated into a play group will be better suited to attend Private Puppy Training or our Puppy Board & Train program so we can assist with resolving behavioral issues.

  • Further exploration into novel sights, sounds, surfaces, other dogs and people will increase your puppy's confidence in his or her day-to-day interactions. This will dictate how your puppy sees the world as an adult, so continued socialization is imperative! Puppies and their owners will be coached on polite greetings with other dogs and people

    It is equally as important that your puppy learn good doggie social skills as it is that you learn what is appropriate play and what is not. We teach you the subtleties of body language and interpret what your puppy is communicating to other dogs and people. We discuss and practice how to best interrupt behaviors that may lead dog-dog issues later in life
  • In addition to sit, down, stand, come when called, hand targeting and go to your place, we add stay, a front sit after recall, object targeting and formal heeling. Watch me is put on cue for solid attention and focus
  • Wait at doorways and to get in/out of a vehicle, settle, leave it, and drop it will be practiced. We practice four-on-the-floor greetings including an automatic sit-to-greet and be petted
  • Dogs require both physical and mental stimulation to really thrive. We introduce nose work, agility, puzzles and 101 things to do with a box for mental stimulation
  • We strive to prevent problem behaviors from occurring through proven training and reinforcement techniques. We coach you on how to resolve behavioral challenges such as puppy biting/mouthing, house breaking, inappropriate chewing, jumping up and more

This course meets 6 consecutive weeks for 55 minutes.