Private Puppy Training

Private Puppy Training is designed to start your 8 to 20 week old puppy on the correct path to being a well-trained, mannerly dog. We will show you how to train your puppy the proper way to behave from the start using the most up-to-date, gentle methods. There are fewer distractions than in a group setting, thereby promoting an optimal learning environment. With private lessons each lesson is customized training that addresses your specific goals with training and advice for your puppy solely, not split between other students in class. The time is allocated to each family member instead of one handler and the learning process begins as soon as you bring your puppy home. Above all, your puppy will learn how to learn, a valuable skill that lasts a lifetime.

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    • Come when called every time
    • Sit and stay
    • Down and stay
    • Focus/pay attention
    • Walk politely on a loose leash
    • Greet people without jumping up
    • Calm, quiet behavior when needed
    • Go to your Place
    • Wait
    • Leave it
    • Move out of the way
    • Mouthing or biting
    • Whining in the crate
    • Urinating or soiling in your home
    • Jumping up on people
    • Excessive barking
    • Destructive chewing
    • Running away
    • Not following rules or commands
    • Digging
    • Aggression or reactivity towards people or other dogs

CDU's Private Training Tuition


  • 1-hour private lesson $65
  • 5 private lessons $300