Puppy Board & Train, is this the right option for me?


You are a busy new puppy owner that wants a well-trained dog, but do not have the time or expertise necessary to lay a quality foundation. The experiences your puppy has from birth until 16 weeks of age dictate his/her behavior and how he/she perceives the world as an adult. CDU's Puppy board & train ensures optimal learning and positive experiences are achieved during this short window of opportunity. Maybe you have a vacation planned and want your hard work invested in training and house breaking to be taken to the next level. If your puppy is exhibiting undesirable behaviors that you want to nip in the bud immediately but you may not know how to accomplish this, this is just for you.

During the Program - Visits


Your trainer will determine the technique(s) that will be most effective in achieving optimal results.

Unlike other board & train programs, we welcome you to visit during your puppy's stay! Your time can be spent playing with your puppy and learning what he or she has become proficient at up to that point. Visits must be scheduled in advance with your trainer.

CDU's unique, customizable 1-4 Week Program puts your puppy on the fast track of learning positive behaviors and new skills. Your furry friend becomes a member of our family receiving training, socialization and behavioral guidance 24/7. Our methods are reward based, proven effective and completely puppy-friendly. Puppies 8 - 16 weeks of age are welcome to enroll.

Puppy Board & Train Tuition


The road to a well behaved puppy begins with a consultation. Your puppy's Board & Train experience will be customized to address your specific goals and requirements. Contact CDU today to schedule a private consultation with a Professional Trainer! An invaluable investment in your puppy's future, Puppy Board & Train creates a solid foundation for the rest of your puppy's life.

Tuition is $650 per week.

Upon pick-up, we teach you how to maintain your puppy's new skills and positive behaviors in a 1 hour transfer lesson. One private lesson per week of stay is included in tuition. Additional private lessons are available for purchase. Lessons are held once per week at CDU's facility, in your home (within our service area) or at an appropriate public location.

It is the responsibility of the client to schedule private lessons. Follow-up lessons are included in the tuition and must be used within 6 months of program completion. A written report and instructions for maintaining the training to ensure a smooth transition to your home are included. An instructional video featuring your puppy and trainer is included in tuition.

4 Week Puppy Board & Train Program


The amount learned is directly proportionate to the length of your puppy's stay. The longer the program, the better mannered and skilled your puppy will be. Following is what is addressed during a 4-Week Program:

    • Refrain from mouthing, biting and jumping up
    • "Off Button," to settle down when too unruly
    • Pay attention/engage voluntarily and on cue
    • Greet and interact with people of all ages calmly and with four paws on the floor
    • Wait patiently at doorways and in/out of a vehicle
    • Leave it
    • Drop it
  • (Verbal and hand signals)
    • Sit politely for petting, putting leash and collar on, to be handled by the vet
    • Down
    • Stay in any one of three positions: sit, stand, down. The amount of time a puppy can hold a down will vary
    • Come when called and sit in front
    • Go to your place and remain there until released
    • Loose leash walking and/or formal heeling
  • Opportunities during your puppy's critical developmental period to promote sociability and confidence
  • Learn to settle down, relax and be calm
  • Learn to enjoy being touched all over, ideal for stress-free vet exams and visits to the groomer
  • Daily physical and mental stimulation/challenges