Dog Training - Group Classes

Small classes, big rewards. We enroll no more than 4 dogs in any given course, which allows for more individual attention and behavioral guidance than most every other group class in the area. Group Classes can be a wonderful opportunity to practice skills while under the distraction of other dogs and people, which prepares you and your dog for success in the real world. The curriculum in each level is specifically designed to build on the skills learned in the previous course, ultimately to produce the dog of your dreams!

Freshman Dog Training Classes

This course focuses on creating a rock solid foundation for future training success. You'll learn how to teach your dog the following skills and manners and most importantly, how to apply each skill in your day-to-day life with your dog.

For dogs 6 months and older just beginning training or with some previous training. Dogs should be fully vaccinated. Dogs should be dog and people friendly with no prior aggression history.

  • Pay attention/focus voluntarily and on cue
  • Sit/Stay
  • Down/Stay
  • Stand/Stay
  • Come when called to a front sit
  • Formal heeling
  • Go to you Place
  • Hand and object targeting
  • Relax on cue
  • Polite greetings
  • Wait
  • Leave it
  • Off
  • Tricks
  • Mental challenges

This course meets 6 consecutive weeks for 55 minutes.

Sophomore Dog Training Classes

This course brings out the best in your dog! We take your dog's training to the next level of reliability and proficiency all while refining and perfecting skills learned in the Freshman course.

  • Working with your dog while off-leash
  • A speedy, reliable recall in every situation
  • Return to heel (left and right finishes) and at a distance
  • Applying the 4 Ds: Duration, Distance, Distractions and Difficulty to multiple obedience cues:
    • Maintain eye contact for up to 1 minute while under moderate distractions
    • Remain seated for 1 minute at a distance of 10 feet with moderate distractions
    • Hold position for 15 minutes with moderate distractions
    • Remain in a standing position for mock veterinary exam and grooming
    • Run to place from a distance of 6 feet, remain on place for 15 minutes with moderate distractions
  • The life-saving Emergency Down, which every dog should know and perform reliably
  • Verbal and hand signal prompts
  • Mental challenges
  • The 10 exercises required to pass the AKC Canine Good Citizen test are reviewed and practiced.

This course meets 6 consecutive weeks for 55 minutes.

Junior Dog Training Classes

This course intensifies the 4 Ds (Duration, Distance, Distractions, Difficulty), which is applied to each obedience skill both on and off-leash. Expectations for proficiency in each skill is increased. Skills are performed with either a verbal cue or hand signal or both.

  • 1 minute, 6 feet from handler, high level distractions
  • 30 feet from handler while under high level distractions
  • 3 minutes, 20 feet from handler, high level distractions
  • 30 minutes, 10 feet from handler, moderate to high level distractions
  • 3 minutes, handler stands in front of dog for a mock veterinary exam and groom
  • 10 feet from handler with moderate distractions
  • Run to place from 15 feet away, remain on place for 30 minutes with high level distractions
  • The AKC's Canine Good Citizen test is offered at Graduation!

This course meets 8 consecutive weeks for 55 minutes.

Senior Program

Continued off-leash work to gain solid control while under higher level distractions.

Emergency down solidified in all situations

The AKC Community Canine is offered at graduation

This course meets 6 weeks, including the AKC Community Canine test on graduation day

Masters Off-Leash and Sample Sports

Rock solid off-leash control while under high level distractions. Class meets in a different location 3 of the 8 weeks to practice and gain ultimate control in the real world. In addition, we introduce you to the ultra-fun world of dog sports!

  • Rally
  • Agility
  • Nose Work
  • Tricks and Puzzles
  • AKC Community Canine is reviewed and practiced
  • AKC Community Canine test given at graduation

This course meets 8 consecutive weeks. AKC Test on graduation day.


Every dog should have a few tricks up his or her sleeve! Dog owners love their dog and strive to find ways to enrich their canine companion?s life mentally and physically. There is perhaps no better way to do this than to focus on continuing education for your dog and adding fun tricks to their behavioral repertoire.

CDU's Tricks course will enhance the canine-human bond, further expand the lines of communication and provide a sure-fire way to impress family and friends. Your instructor will cover a range of tricks and take requests for additional tricks best suited to your dog's personality and physique!

  • Spin
  • Take a bow
  • Sit pretty
  • Rollover
  • Crawl
  • Shake
  • Hi Five
  • Wave
  • Say Yes
  • Say No
  • Jump through hoop

This course meets 6 consecutive weeks for 55 minutes.