Board & Train, is this the right option for me?


Your life is busy, our life is dogs!

CDU offers fully customizable programs designed with a trainer to meet the needs of you and your canine companion. We understand that most busy schedules don’t allow for the time required to accomplish your goals for a well-mannered puppy or dog. Our highly experienced staff of trainers are knowledgeable in a multitude of techniques that will be most effective in achieving optimal results.

Dog Training Techniques


One-on-one attention between your dog and trainer ensures your dog’s experience is enjoyable while she/he is learning new skills and positive behaviors.

We offer quality boarding, plenty of exercise and fun on our 35 acres. We believe an integral part of our Board & Train program – and what sets us apart from other programs – is owner education. Through multiple private lessons and group classes, we back your dog’s program with teaching you how to maintain the skills developed.

Each fully customizable program begins with an evaluation with you, your dog and a CDU professional trainer. We will assess existing skills and behaviors, and establish the goals of the program. At this time we will also take a “before” video so we may track the progress of your dog’s training. There is a $65 fee for this evaluation that will be waived when you sign up for a board & train program. For additional details, please contact us.

Board & Train Pricing


In 2 payments.

  • Your dog has attended either group classes or has completed a board & train program. We reinforce the behaviors your dog already knows. $45.00 per day in addition to boarding fee.
  • For those dogs who have not been previously trained by CDU, the single day training rate, which includes quality boarding is $92.85 a day. You may purchase as many days as you wish during your dog's stay.

Once your dog completes a program you will get a live demonstration of your dog's new skills and positive behaviors. You will also receive extensive owner education including instructional videos and private lessons with a CDU Professional Trainer to help ensure a complete understanding of how to maintain what your dog has accomplished during their stay.

We will demonstrate the skills your dog knows, then hand the leash to you! We walk you through each skill your dog has learned over the course of your private lessons (1 lesson/week of the dog's stay).

All Board and Trains Include...

  • Focus on you while in real world environments and/or high level distractions.
  • A rock solid, Down/Stay. Your dog will be capable of holding a long down while in the presence of another dog chasing a ball or some other high level, real world distraction.
  • Students tell us this is their favorite behavior! Place teaches your dog to go to a pre-defined boundaried area and remain there until released. The boundary can be just about anything that is clear to the dog. We teach the dog to generalize Place by introducing them to several boundaried areas
    • Dog beds
    • Park benches
    • Boulders
    • The scale at the vet
    • A blanket or rug and more
  • For polite greetings without jumping, waiting to go in and out of doorways or vehicle, and putting leash and collar on.
  • When called to a front sit. The front sit is important in that it prevents the fly by. Your dog will have a reliable recall, even with distractions such as wildlife or other dogs.
  • No more pulling! Enjoy walking your dog on a nice loose leash.
  • Social and house manners including sit or down with wait (temporary stay), leave it, off (all 4 paws on the ground), watch me, move and drop it.
  • A professional CDU trainer will take your dog to at least 3 different locations off-site to proof what he or she has learned. This solidifies each command and teaches the dog to generalize that all commands are to be performed in all places we go.